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GLIDE-with Arnica pain relief 500GM

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Our premium tattoo glide with Arnica Montana for natural pain relief, reduced 

bleeding, bruising and swelling is the perfect formula for the tattoo artist delivering an outstanding service.

This Vegan glide is a  smooth and enriching lubricant and skin protectant that stabilises ink and starts the healing process with each pass.

Available in our signature  flavours Bubblegum, original formula & Marshmallow  to take you and your client on an uplifting aromatic journey.  

DIRECTIONS: Apply to area prior to tattooing skin for smooth gliding of needle and pain relief for your client.

INGREDIENTS: Persea gratissima, Butyrospermum parchi, Cocos nucifera, Berry wax, Melaeuca alterniflora, lavendula* angustifolia, Boswellia, Arnica Montana.