How do I get my own branding?

When you visit a product, there are options below the product that say:


50 PACK YOUR BRAND   etc...

Once one of these options are selected an UPLOAD box will appear below.

Here you upload your predesigned label or you can just upload your logo and the rest of the label will have the same information on it as our labels.

If you have the time it's highly recommended that you design a label for yourself and maybe add your instagram page or website address to it as a great marketing tool.

There are heaps of programs available to help you design a label CANVA is great easy to use program and you can use it for free.

If there are any issues with your design we will get in touch with you to fix this so don't stress we won't print your labels if they are fuzzy or if something isn't right we will always get back to you and make sure it all goes great!


I don't know how to design my label... I'm just not tech savvy, what do I do?

Its ok we are always here to help! If you are really struggling just fill out the contact us form and we can help you design your label from our end. All you need to do is ask!


How do I access wholesale pricing?

You Don't need a wholesale account. Wholesale pricing is available to anyone as soon as you click on 25 pack or more. The price of the pack shows up and that's where you see what you would pay for that many units in comparison to the 1 unit RRP.

Do I have to be a business to order?

Nope! Anyone can order our wholesale packs or individual products. You may want to run a market stall or use them as party favours, whatever you are doing with them is completely up to you!

How long will my order take?

If you are ordering our branded products they are generally shipped out within 2-3 working days.

If you have ordered you own brand it can take up to 14 days for these to be prepared before they are shipped. If you allow yourself a buffer of 28 days for restocking you'll be right! Always order in advance before you run out of your current stock.

What are the ingredients in the products?

Each product has the ingredient list at the bottom after the description. So scroll down on your selected products and you will find Directions and then Ingredients.

What is the difference between your products and other tattoo products out there?

Our products have been formulated by a Master aromatherapist who specialises in herbal medicine nutrition and is also a qualified Skin therapist. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen for the best possible skin recovery, antibacterial action, pain relief constituents and also help calm down the nervous system for a happy healthier skin and mind during and after your procedure.

To add to this our products are Vegan, Australian made and also made in small batches so you always know the product is fresh and potent we do not have stock just lying around,  you order and we make it fresh for you!